I just want to let all my readers know I'm leaving for the Navy tomorrow, September 9. I officially leave Monday. I'm really excited!!!! It will be for eight weeks, and after that I'll be able to start posting again. I hope everyone has a great two months!!!
Yesterday I had a blast.  I went to a museum of natural science.  They had a new exhibit and I just had to go.  My dad took me.  There are only so many days until I ship out for the Navy, that he wanted to do something special.  It was quite a lot of fun looking at all the dinosaurs.

Do you have a natural science museum?  Have you ever been?  What's your favorite exhibit?  Or have you never gone?  I sug
Can I tell you a secret? Will you promise not to say anything? Or tell anyone?

I made a mistake. It's been three years, and I still remember it. I still feel guilt and fear.

Young people should not be on the Internet and I learned that the hard way. I was lonely and naive. Chatty is harmless enough, but when you believe someone's lies. When you allow yourself to get lost in a fantasy. You can get hurt.

Nothing had ever happened. Nobody found me, I wasn't stupid enough to give my real name or address. But still the thought of my stupidity still frightens me.

What makes is worse is the movie The Net. I saw it right after my mistake and it scared the hell out of me. I'm watching it now, and I have to keep reminding myself hat I won't lose my identity. I won't get harmed. I'm ok.

The past is the past.
I forgot to tell you how the donuts went. I got a variety of donuts and they went over very well.
I'm soon to be getting donuts for my beau and his family, so that I can spend the morning with before he leaves for college. I ask what kind they like, but they say "all kinds". Now I have a dilemma. Does all kinds really mean all kinds or only the ones that would be obvious to them? And unfortunately unobvious to me.

So here's the plan of attack, roughly. Get all kinds of frosted and glazed, get one creame filled, couple chocolate filled, some of the cinnamon ones, a twisty thing, a bear claw, and sausage rolls (that the donut shop actually calls calloches, but they're not). Seems like a lot, but I have to cover my bases.

So I pose the question to you, reader. Have you ever had to buy donuts for someone and didn't know what kind they liked? Did you get a variety or did you get all of one kind? Let me know!

I let you know how my assortment goes over...
How have the lovelies been this weekend?

My weekend has been interesting. Yesterday I was quite the drama queen though. Certain events didn't go the way I had expected and I let it get to me. My boyfriend made up for it though. We had quite the fun and intimate night.

Today I am tired. I went swimming like a mad person. I swam about 300 yards. Not too shabby. But it ticketed me out? Then I had to bake bread, deal with Walmart traffic, eat lunch at four, and make chili. Luckily I got a nap in.

So what have you guys been up too? Do you exercise, do chores, cook, or laze about on weekends?
Welcome to my blogs new home!  I hope your experience here will be a fun one.  What, you ask, will be involved in this lovely blog?  Well I'll tell you!

First, I will have a week of my random thoughts of different subjects and how I'm excited to be in the Navy!!

After that week,  I will be in Boot Camp!  Can you believe it?  Me in boot camp.  That is two months long, so I won't see you lovelies then.

After boot camp, and whenever I have internet,  I'll come back.  I'll tell you all about boot camp, my schooling, whatever I'm up to, and more random thoughts.

I hope you stick with me, because I think it'll be a lot of fun!!